E5 Fixed-Disk RDE(PEEK)

MAXIMUM ROTATIONRATE: 3000 RPM -- Neverexceed maximum rotation rate when working with rotatingelectrodes.

These RDE tipsfeature a PEEK shroud whichis designed foruse over a wide range of temperatures (10°C to 80°C). This tough and chemicallyresistant shroud material is ideal for applications where the RDE tip undergoesroutine thermal cycling. These RDE tips have a 15.0 mm OD shroud and aredesigned with the samethread connections as our standard 15.0 mm OD RRDE tips,making it easy toswitch between RDE and RRDE configurations using the samerotator shaft.  Designed for experiments like fuel cellelectrocatalystscreening, these RDE tips provide the platform you need tostudy catalystbehavior over a range of temperatures.  Our most popular disk insert RDEscan befound here, including glassy carbon, platinum, and gold.

Disk OD = 5.0 mm

Fixed-Disk RDEtip; 15.0 mm OD PEEK shroud

Compatible withthe MSR and ASR rotators

See"Description" tab below foradditional precautions and information.



TEMPERATURE RANGE:10°C – 80°C — Electrodedamage may occur at temperatures beyond recommendedrange.

CHEMICALINCOMPATIBILITIES: ConcentratedStrong Acids — Damage or discoloration mayoccur.

PolishingPEEK-shrouded electrodes is bestaccomplished using a mechanicalpolisher. Other shroud materials are available upon request.

This series ofRRDE tips may be used withboth MSR and ASR rotators.

These RDE tipsfeature a PEEK shroud whichis designed for use over a wide range oftemperatures (10°C to 80°C).  This tough and chemically resistantshroudmaterial is ideal for applications where the RDE tip undergoes routinethermalcycling.  These RDE tips have a 15.0 mmOD shroud and are designedwith the same thread connections as our standard15.0 mm OD RRDE tips, making iteasy to switch between RDE and RRDEconfigurations using the same rotatorshaft. The disk electrode can be made from a variety of metals, alloys,andsteels, and the shroud is fabricated from chemically-resistant PEEK. Our most popular disk insert RDEs can befound here, including glassy carbon,platinum, and gold.  Designed for experiments like fuelcellelectrocatalyst screening, these RDE tips provide the platform you needtostudy catalyst behavior over a range of temperatures.

Compatible shaftsinclude AFE6MB, AFE6M,and AFE5M for use with the MSR rotator, AFE6A and AFE5Afor use with the ASRrotator, and AFE5F for non-rotating applications.



ShroudMeterial   PEEK

DiskOD  5.0mm

ShroudOD  15.0mm

  • Integrated UV/Vis Spectroelectrochemical System
  • Honeycomb Spectroelectroelectrochemical Cell
  • Quartz Photoelectrochemical Cell