Low Volume H-Cell

A general purpose electrochemical celldesigned for low volume applications where separation is desired between cellhalves (H-Cell).  The separator is an ACEfritted glass disc, porosity D (10 - 20 μm). The overall cell volume is 20 mL and can be used down to approximately10 mL on either cell half.  This lowvolume glass cell is designed to accommodate our LowProfile working, counter,and reference electrodes.  The cell kitconsists of the cell, the Low Volume Cell Cap Kit, and two gas purge/spargetubes.


The Low Volume Cell Series is designed foruse with:


Our Low Volume Cap Kit.  The cap kit has the option for sealing aroundall electrodes and probes in the cell.

Pine Research's miniature aqueous andnon-aqueous reference electrodes.  Theseelectrodes are a perfect fit for the 3.5 mm OD hole in the Low Volume cell cap.

Platinum, gold, or glassy carbon LowProfileworking electrodes.  These electrodes fitthe larger bore holes in the Low Volume Cap Kit.

Our LowProfile platinum counter electrodehas a 7 mm OD for the larger bore holes in the Low Volume Cap Kit.



Material  Borosilicate Glass

Volume  20 mL (10 mL on each half)

ACE Frit  10-20 micron pore diameter

Taper Port  24/25 taper port