Compact Voltammetry Cell – Starter Kit

The Compact Voltammetry Cell Kit is alow-cost and easy-to-use, yet robust system for both electrochemical educationand basic research.  The cell kit isbased around screen-printed electrodes (SPEs). Just like your favorite t-shirt, these electrodes are screen-printedonto substrates for simple use.  Thedisposable carbon-based SPEs use a polymer substrate that is compatible only inaqueous media, while the platinum and gold SPEs are printed on a durableceramic substrate, which is insulted with glass.  These ceramic SPEs are compatible in nearlyany organic or aqueous solvent. Additional accessories for larger volume, temperature control, and lowvolumes (1 mL) are available.  A fewunique features of this kit are as follows:


Cost-effective to implement as compared totraditional electrodes and cells

Ideal for educational laboratory use

Often used for biosensor development andworking in a glove box

Carbon SPEs disposable - use for oneexperiment/lab/day and toss

Pt and Au SPEs reusable - cleanelectrochemically between experiments

See "Description" tab below foradditional information.

The Compact Voltammetry Cell Kit includesell grip, cell cap, cell, starter pack of screen-printed electrode, genericmini-USB style to banana jack cell cable. Additional accessories available, seebelow.



Virtually Student-Proof.  Perfect for the undergraduate lab, ourinnovative cell design gives your students a rapid way to set up a voltammetrycell without all that hassle of polishing electrodes, tending to referenceelectrodes, and chasing countless cables around the lab bench.


Incredibly Low Cost Electrodes.  Single use, screen-printed electrode designsare available in quantity packaging at a fraction of the cost of moretraditional electrode designs. Use them one time and then just throw them away.


Custom Cap and Cable. Our unique cap designcouples an edge card connector with a compact cable connection (it’s actuallyjust like the mini-USB connector on your digital camera). The cap fits on toeveryday, ordinary disposable 20 mL lab vials.


Ideal for Teaching Cyclic Voltammetry.  In an instructional setting, we recommendusing our screen-printed carbon electrodes with a well-behaved, reversibleelectrochemical system.


Works with Any Potentiostat. The cableterminates at three banana jacks to provide easy connection to the potentiostatof your choice. Note that our instructional cell is available as part of ouracademic WaveNow potentiostat bundle.


Pine Research Cell Cable Color Code


RED – working (drive) electrode

ORANGE – working (sense) electrode

GREEN – counter electrode

WHITE – reference electrode