Alkaline Resistant RDE/RRDE Cell

This solid PTFE cell is compatible withalkaline based systems. Modeled after our standard glass cell for rotatingelectrodes, the PTFE cell was designed for use with a Pine Research rotator,RDE/RRDE electrodes, and accessories. The cell shares the OpenTop designelement commonly used with our RCE cells. The lid seals to the cell body by tightening three Hoobler-Sagi clampsagainst an inset fluoroelastomer gasket. The lid has one 24/25 port in the center for the RDE/RRDE electrode shafts and four 14/20 side ports for counter,reference, and gas sparging tools. Some of the unique features of this productinclude:


the cell is machined from a solid piece ofPTFE, eliminating the chance for leaking and contamination commonly experiencedwith press-fit designs

the OpenTop lid design allows the user toeasily gain access inside the cell for cleaning between experiments

the cell pairs well with the Pine ResearchMSR Rotator and can be used with stationary electrodes as well