The AER-800 Research Respirometer is designed for detailedlaboratory studies in aerobic and anaerobic respiration.

User-friendly setup & operation

·          Quick andeasy setup

·          ContinuousFeedback Adjustment monitors and adjusts the system foroptimum performance

·          Usescommercially-available glassware; no expensive proprietary equipment

·          Convenient USBpower and interface connection





˂0.06 mg

˂0.05 mL

Max Rate

650 mg/hr

500 mL/hr




Proven reliability& precision

·  Trusted by hundreds of researchers worldwide

·  No unreliable mechanical valves or pressure sensors

·  True manometric measurement

·  Laboratory precision measuring (less than 1% CV)

Flexible formultiple uses

·          Both aerobicand anaerobic capability

·          Multiple8-channel systems can be run on a USB hub

·          Can be used insolids-based microcosms such as soil

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