Piston Cylinder Apparatus(Depths of the Earth)

TheQUICKpress is a small, easy to use device that generates very-high pressures athigh temperatures.  MECHANICS  Itis used for hot isostatic pressing, thermodynamic studies, electrical studies,new materials syntheses that include the development of novel ceramics, high-Tcsuperconducting structures, amorphous phosphides and nitrides, andtechnologically important metal-hydrides, as well as many other topics inmaterials engineering science.  SELECTEDAPPLICATIONS

Very-highpressure generating insturments of the QUICKpress type are referred to aspiston-cylinder devices and have been in use since 1955. Early models were massiveand difficult and expensive to manufacture and operate. The design describedhere (first developed in 1977), underwent major modifications in 1988 tofurther improve the apparatus.  SPECIFICATIONS As a consequence, ease of operation increased, while expense of production andoperation decreased. At present, very little operator training is required todo high-pressure high temperature piston-cylinder experiments,  EXECUTINGEXPERIMENTS  although a great deal of scientific experienceand creativity may be needed to formulate experimental programs and interpretresults.   CAPSULES



Depthsof the Earth Company’s temperature control unit sets and monitors sampletemperature, furnace current and voltage, and cooling water flow. Expressly designed for the QUICKpress, the temperature control unit willcontrol any process equipment that utilizes AC output to power resistive orinductive loads.


Auto or Manual Microprocessor-based interface sets and monitors temperature.

High-current phase-angle fired thyristor controls heating rate, cooling rate, or set-point temperature.

Single Segment programmable ramp/soak with max rate: 100°C/minute and min. rate: 3°C/minute

Unlimited run-duration

Control Signal instant switching between thermocouple types R, S, C, J, E, T, L, N, B

Automatic shut-down at temperature over-range, voltage or current output over-range, cooling water system failure, or power outage.  Mechanical relay prevents automatic start-up after any alarm condition is restored.


Dimensions: 46cm wide x 31cm deep x 15cm high

Power Requirements: 210 VAC dedicated line,single phase, 30amps

50Hz or 60Hz operation compatible

Stability + 2°C, Resolution + 1°C

Non-volatile memory retains parameters withoutbattery backup

10-foot power cord, plug not included.

  • Integrated UV/Vis Spectroelectrochemical System
  • Honeycomb Spectroelectroelectrochemical Cell
  • Quartz Photoelectrochemical Cell