Honeycomb Spectroelectroelectrochemical Cell

Our uniqueUV/Vis spectroelectrochemical cell features a patterned "honeycomb"electrode which mounts easily inside a thin-layer quartz cuvette. A specialcuvette cap securely holds the honeycomb electrode card and a separatereference electrode in the proper position within the curette.

1.7 mmelectrode path length

12.5 x 12.5 x45.0 mm3 cuvette dimensions 

Compatible inaqueous and non-aqueous electrolyte

Generic cellcable enables cell kit compatibility with ANY potentiostat

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Complete Spectroelectrochemistry Cell Kit:

TheHoneycomb Spectroelectrochemical Cell Kit includes 1 quartz curette,1 cell cap, 1 platinum honeycomb electrode, 2 gold honeycomb electrodes,and a low profile Ag/AgCl reference electrode.  Our honeycombelectrode chip contains an onboard working, counter and reference electrode. If an alternative reference electrode is needed, we offer a cell cablewith a separate reference breakout lead usedwith the WaveNow and WaveDriver respectively where a separate low profilereference electrode fits into the cell cap.

Electrode Design: The working electrode isperforated with a honeycomb pattern of holes which allow light to pass throughthe electrode. The active surface of the working electrode includes a metalcoating along the inner walls of the holes. As light passes through the holes,the beam grazes the walls of each hole.  Normally the path length of theelectrochemically generated species is the diffusion layer near the surface ofthe electrode.  With our honeycomb design the effective path length is thelength of the honeycomb card (1.7 mm).  As a result, molecules with lowextinction coefficients are more easily detectable.  Our quartz cuvette isslotted to fit the honeycomb electrode card.  The slot also preventselectrogenerated species from diffusing away from the electrode during aspectroelectrochemistry experiment, further improving UV/Vis absorbance.

Universal Compatibility:  Thehoneycomb electrode is screen printed on a ceramic card, allowing it to be usedfor both aqueous and non-aqueous solvents.  The dimensions of our slottedquartz cuvette is 12.5 x 12.5 x 45.0 mm3, which is the standardsize for most UV/Vis spectrometer curette holders.  While Pine offers aunique cable that connects the mini-B USB of the honeycomb cell to ourWaveNow and WaveDriver potentiostats, we also offer a generic cable with amini-B USB to 4 banana jacks that can connect our honeycomb cell to ANYpotentiostat.

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