Electron microscopes have to operate in anambient magnetic field comprising the earth’s field and fields radiated byelectric power  networks and electricalmachines. When the ambient field changes, the electron beam in the microscope is deflected, causing loss of resolutionand image distortion. The SC24 system stabilises the field by dynamicallycreating nearly equal and opposite field changes, so that the microscopeperformance is much improved.


The SC24 system comprises a magnetic fieldcontrol unit, one or two magnetic field sensors and three orthogonal axismulticore cables, that are installed in the room where the field is to becancelled. The SC24 can drive single loop and double loop room size cables. Italso works with Helmholtz cables that are attached to a frame around thecolumn.  Three power amplifiers in thecontrol unit drive  currents through thecables to create a field of the opposite sign to the change in ambientfield.  The magnetic field sensormeasures the resulting field and real time negative feedback reduces theambient field by the loop gain of the system. The system is dynamic,automatically responding to field changes within 100 µs.


SC24 Features



SC24 Product Guides (pdf)

Brochure for the full SC24 system

Monitor software option for Windows PC

AC magnetic field sensor option

DC magnetic field sensor option

Column sensor mount option for AC sensor

Sensor mount option for SEM

Sensor mount option for TEM

Single loop room cable option for SEM

Double loop room cable option for TEM

Frame-mounted Helmholtz cable option for SEM

Rectangular frame option for SEM

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