The WaveVortex is Pine Research's newestelectrode rotator! With a small footprint and affordable price, theWaveVortex is ideal for those needing to perform rotating disk electrode (RDE)or rotating ring-disk electrode (RRDE) studies with smaller lab spaces andtighter budgets. The WaveVortex design combines the rotator, control unit,shaft, and enclosure in one compact and convenient package. The WaveVortexis also compatible with any existing 15 mm OD RDE and RRDE electrodesmanufactured by Pine Research, along with many of our cells, glassware, andaccessories.

Adjustable rangeup to 8000 RPM
Easy setup
Small footprint
Compatible with existing electrodes/accessories
Integrated enclosure with motor interlock

Electrode tips for this rotator are sold separately.
MAXIMUM ROTATION RATE: Each electrode tip model used with the WaveVortexrotator has a maximum rotation rate. Do not the exceed maximum rotation ratewhen working with rotating electrodes.
    The WaveVortex electrode rotator isdesigned to suit the needs of those looking to perform rotating disk (RDE) androtating ring-disk (RRDE) electrode experiments with limited lab space andtight budgets. This low-cost, small footprint rotator is compatible withany existing 15 mm OD RDE/RRDE electrodes manufactured by Pine Research, alongwith many of our cells, glassware, and accessories.  See below for listand links of compatible electrodes.

Control box, motor, shaft, and enclosure areall fixed into one convenient unit, making the WaveVortex compact and easilymoved around.  Rotation rate can be manually controlled on the front panelwith digital display, as well as using an external voltage source from a Potentiostator other voltage source for secondary rotation rate control.

Electrode connections are made to the rotatingshaft using silver-carbon brushes. There are two contacts – the red is for thedisk, and the blue is for the ring.

List of compatiblePine Research RDE and RRDE electrodes with the WaveVortex:

E5TQ Change Disk,PEEK
E5TQ Change Disk, PTFE
E5 Fixed-Disk, PEEK
E5 Fixed-Disk, PTFE
E6R1 Change Disk, PEEK
E6R1 Change Disk, PTFE
E6R2 Fixed-Disk, PEEK
E7R8 Thin Gap, PTFE
E7R9 Thin Gap, PTFE

All specifications are subject to change without notice.

Compatible Electrode Tips

Rotating Disk Electrodes (RDE)

·                                 E5TQ Change Disk, PEEK

·                                 E5TQ Change Disk, PTFE

·                                 E5 Fixed-Disk, PEEK

·                                 E5 Fixed-Disk, PTFE

Rotating Ring-Disk Electrodes (RRDE)

·                                 E6R1 Change Disk, PEEK

·                                 E6R1 Change Disk, PTFE

·                                 E6R2 Fixed-Disk, PEEK

·                                 E7R8 Thin Gap, PTFE

·                                 E7R9 Thin Gap, PTFE

Rotation Rate

Rate Accuracy

100 to 200 RPM: accurate to within ± 2 counts of display reading
200 to 8000 RPM:  accurate to within ± 1% of display reading

Rate Display

4 digit display indicates rotation rate (RPM)

Rate Control (front panel)

10-turn rotation rate control knob

Rotation Start/Stop (front panel)

push button toggle with LED indicators for "Pause" and "Run"

Rate Control (external)

allows optional rate control via a signal input
(located on external I/O connector)
available control ratios:  1 RPM/mV (default), 2 RPM/mV, 4 RPM/mV
(jumper selectable)

Rotation Start/Stop (external)

optional digital (TTL) motor stop input signal
(located on external I/O connector)
front panel LED indicates when external motor stop is active

Enclosure Interlock

interlock prevents rotation when enclosure window is in raised position
front panel LED indicates when enclosure window is in raised position

Rate Output

allows optional external rotation rate monitoring
via a signal output (located on external I/O connector)
output signal ratio:  2 RPM/mV


Motor Power

11 W

Control Method

closed loop servo-system (PWM)
temperature compensated tachometer mounted on motor shaft

Motor Type

permanent magnet

Maximum Continuous Torque

18.7 milli Newton-meters

Motor Protection

motor current is electronically limited


Power Requirements

AC Mains:  100 - 240 VAC, ±10%; 50/60 Hz; 1 A
DC Supply:  24 VDC; 1.5 A

Electrode Connections

electrode connections are located on the motor unit
disk electrode:  red banana jack
ring electrode:  blue banana jack

Chassis Terminal

metal banana jack located on the motor unit
(a second connection is also provided on external I/O connector)

DC Common

DC Common (analog ground) connection provided on external I/O connector


Shipping Information

shipping weight:  24 pounds (11 kg)
shipping dimensions:  16.0 x 16.0 x 16.0 in (41 x 41 x 41 cm)

Instrument Weight

16 pounds (7.3 kg)

Instrument Dimensions

width:  15 in (38 cm);  depth:  11 in (28 cm)
height with enclosure window in lower position:  15 in (38 cm)
height with enclosure window in raised position:  24 in (61 cm)


enclosure base and sides:  black high-density polyethylene
enclosure window:  clear polycarbonate
electronics cabinet:  black powder coated aluminum

Operating Temperature

10 to 40 Celsius (50 °F to 104 °F)


  • Integrated UV/Vis Spectroelectrochemical System
  • Honeycomb Spectroelectroelectrochemical Cell
  • Quartz Photoelectrochemical Cell