9MBDA shaft

Thisprecision shaft accepts two 15.0 mm OD cylinder inserts (sold separately) where the lower cylinder is in electricalcontact with the shaft and rotator while the upper cylinder can either be connectedto the bottom (ring) port on the MSR Rotator orit can remain disconnected and electrically isolated from the shaft. This special shaft is intended for use in conjunction with our gas-purgedbearing assembly (part number AC01TPA6M).

This bearing assembly is tapered to fit into astandard 24/25 port on an electrochemical cell.  The outer diameterof the upper portion of this special shaft is machined to a very high toleranceso that it will mate properly with the inner diameter of our gas-purged bearingassembly.

Each shaft is shipped with twenty (20)fluoroelastomer washers which are used to mount and seal the cylindersample on the shaft.  Additional replacement washers are availableseparately.

  • Integrated UV/Vis Spectroelectrochemical System
  • Honeycomb Spectroelectroelectrochemical Cell
  • Quartz Photoelectrochemical Cell