E6R1 Change Disk RRDE

MAXIMUM ROTATIONRATE: 3000 RPM -- Neverexceed maximum rotation rate when working with rotatingelectrodes.

Everybody'sfavorite Pine Research RRDEdesign allows you to use the same ring assembly withas many different diskinserts as you like.  Featuring ournovel"U-Cup" design, the E6 Series is our latest line ofinterchangeabledisk RRDE tips.  These RRDE tips featurea PTFE shroud whichis designed for use temperature range is between 10°C – 25°C.

Disk OD = 5.0 mm;Ring OD = 7.50 mm; RingID = 6.50 mm

ChangeDisk 15.0 mmOD PTFE shroud

Accepts diskinserts 5.0 mm OD x 4.0 mmthick (sold separately)

Compatible withMSR and ASR rotators

See"Description" tab below foradditional precautions and information.



The PTFE U-Cup isa consumable product forthe ChangeDisk RDE and RRDE tips.  Toensure properoperation and longevity of the tip, Pine Research recommendsreplacing the U-Cupevery 3-4 times you perform a ChangeDisk operation.  Permanent, irreversibledamage to the tipwill result if the U-Cup is not regularly changed.

TEMPERATURE RANGE:10°C – 25°C — Electrodedamage may occur at temperatures beyond recommendedrange.

This series ofRRDE tips may be used withboth MSR and ASR rotators.

These RRDE tips featurea 15.0 mm OD PTFEshroud and are designed with the same thread connections asour standard 15.0mm OD RDE tips, making it easy to switch between RDE and RRDEconfigurationsusing the same rotator shaft.  Designedfor advancedelectrochemical experiments (e.g. fuel cell electrocatalystscreening), theseRRDE tips provide the platform you need to accomplish yourresearch goals.

E6R1 PTFE SeriesRRDE tips featureremovable disk inserts (sold separately). Standard metaldisk inserts offered by Pine Research are 5.0 mm OD x 4.0mm thick and arefabricated from gold, platinum, or glassy carbon; however,disks may be madefrom other materials or dimensions upon request.  A toolkit (soldseparately) and polishing kit(sold separately) are also required to change andpolish the metal disk insertbetween experiments.


Compatible shaftsinclude AFE6MB and AFE6Mfor use with the MSR rotator, and AFE6A for use withthe ASR rotator.



ShroudMaterial   PTFE

DiskOD  5.0 mm

Ring OD  7.50 mm

RingID   6.50 mm

ShroudOD  15.0 mm

CollectionEfficiency   25%

  • Integrated UV/Vis Spectroelectrochemical System
  • Honeycomb Spectroelectroelectrochemical Cell
  • Quartz Photoelectrochemical Cell