E6R2 Fixed-Disk RRDE(PEEK)

MAXIMUM ROTATION RATE: 3000 RPM -- Neverexceedmaximum rotation rate when working with rotating electrodes.

These RRDE tips have been designed foradvancedelectrochemical experiments (e.g. fuel cell electrocatalystscreening). These RRDE tips provide theplatform needed to study catalyst behavior over arange of temperatures.

Disk OD = 5.5 mm; Ring OD = 8.50 mm; RingID =6.50 mm

Fixed-Disk RRDE tip; 15.0 mm OD PEEK shroud

Compatible with the MSR and ASR rotators

See "Description" tab belowforadditional precautions and information.



TEMPERATURE RANGE: 10°C – 80°C —Electrodedamage may occur at temperatures beyond recommended range.

CHEMICAL INCOMPATIBILITIES: ConcentratedStrongAcids — Damage or discoloration may occur.

Polishing PEEK-shrouded electrodes isbestaccomplished using a mechanical polisher. Other shroud materials areavailable upon request.

This series of RRDE tips may be used withbothMSR and ASR rotators.

These RRDE tips feature a PEEK shroud whichisdesigned for use over a wide range of temperatures (10°C to 80°C). Thistoughand chemically resistant shroud material is ideal for applications wheretheRRDE tip undergoes routine thermal cycling. These RRDE tips have a 15.0 mmOD shroud and are designed with the samethread connections as our standard 15.0mm OD RDE tips, making it easy toswitch between RDE and RRDE configurationsusing the same rotator shaft.  Designed for experiments like fuel cellelectrocatalystscreening, these RRDE tips provide the platform you need tostudy catalystbehavior over a range of temperatures.

Compatible shafts include AFE6MB and AFE6Mforuse with the MSR rotator, and AFE6A for use with the ASR rotator.



Shroud Material   PEEK

Disk OD  5.5 mm

Ring OD  8.50 mm

Ring ID  6.50 mm

Shroud OD  15.0 mm

Collection Efficiency   38%

  • Integrated UV/Vis Spectroelectrochemical System
  • Honeycomb Spectroelectroelectrochemical Cell
  • Quartz Photoelectrochemical Cell