E7R9 Thin Gap RRDE

MAXIMUM ROTATIONRATE: 3000 RPM -- Neverexceed maximum rotation rate when working with rotatingelectrodes.

These Fixed-DiskRRDE tips feature asub-millimeter gap between the disk and ring and a highcollection efficiency,making them well-suited for studying peroxide formationfrom the oxygenreduction reaction.  The E7R9 RRDE tipsare also designedwith the same thread connections as our E5 and E6 SeriesRDE/RRDE tips, allowingthem to be used interchangeably with the same shaft.

Ring-Disk Gap = 320μm; CollectionEfficiency = 37%

Disk OD = 5.61 mm;Ring OD = 7.92 mm; RingID = 6.25 mm

Fixed-Disk RRDEtip; 15.0 mm OD PTFE shroud

Compatible withthe MSR and ASR rotators

See"Description" tab below foradditional precautions and information.



TEMPERATURE RANGE:10°C – 25°C — Electrodedamage may occur at temperatures beyond recommendedrange.

This series of RDEtips may be used withboth MSR and ASR rotators.

These Fixed-DiskRRDE tips feature asub-millimeter gap between the disk and ring, making themwell-suited forstudying short-lived intermediates that must transit thering-disk gap asquickly as possible.  The high collectionefficiency of theE7R9 RRDE tips is also ideal for studying peroxide detectionfrom the oxygenreduction reaction.  TheE7R9 RRDE tips are also designed with the samethread connections as our E5 andE6 Series RDE/RRDE tips, allowing them to beused interchangeably with the sameshaft.  Each electrode isindividuallytested and certified to be leak-free and mirror polished at thetime of shipment.

Compatible shaftsinclude AFE6MB and AFE6Mfor use with the MSR rotator, and AFE6A for use withthe ASR rotator.



Ring-DiskGap   320 μm

DiskOD  5.61 mm

RingID  6.25 mm

RingOD  7.92 mm

ShroudOD  15.0 mm

ShroudMaterial   PTFE

CollectionEfficiency   37%

DiskArea  0.2475 cm2

RingArea  0.1866 cm2

  • Integrated UV/Vis Spectroelectrochemical System
  • Honeycomb Spectroelectroelectrochemical Cell
  • Quartz Photoelectrochemical Cell