E5 Fixed-Disk RDE

MAXIMUM ROTATIONRATE: 2500 RPM -- Neverexceed maximum rotation rate when working with rotatingelectrodes.

These tips aredesigned for our customers who frequently switch between RDE and RRDE tips.Because our E5 Series RDE tipsare designed with the same thread connections asour E6 and E7 Series RRDEtips, all three tip designs (E5, E6, and E7) can beused with the sameshaft.  Simply screw the tip on to theshaft, and it isready to be rotated. This shaft and tip RDE design allows youto use multipleRRDE and RDE tips with the same shaft. These tips are mostcommonly used withthe AFE6M shaft (for the MSR rotator) or the AFE6A shaft(for the ASRrotator).  Designed foradvanced electrochemical experiments (e.g. fuelcell electrocatalystscreening), these RDE tips provide the platform you need toaccomplish yourresearch goals.  Our most popular diskinsert RDEs can befound here, including glassy carbon, platinum, and gold.

Disk OD = 5.0 mm

Fixed-Disk RDEtip; 15.0 mm OD PTFE shroud

Compatible withthe MSR and ASR rotators

See"Description" tab below foradditional precautions and information.



TEMPERATURE RANGE:10°C – 25°C — Electrodedamage may occur at temperatures beyond recommendedrange.

This series ofRRDE tips may be used withthe MSR and ASR rotators.

These tips aredesigned for our customerswho frequently switch between RDE and RRDEtips.  Because our E5 Series RDE tips are designedwith the same threadconnections as our E6 and E7 Series RRDE tips, all threetip designs (E5, E6,and E7) can be used with the same shaft.  Simply screw the tip on to theshaft, and itis ready to be rotated.  The diskelectrode can be made from avariety of metals, alloys, and steels, and theshroud is fabricated fromchemically-resistant PEEK.  Our most popular disk insert RDEs can befoundhere, including glassy carbon, platinum, and gold.  Designed for advancedelectrochemicalexperiments (e.g. fuel cell electrocatalyst screening), theseRDE tips providethe platform you need to accomplish your research goals.

Compatible shaftsinclude AFE6MB and AFE6Mfor use with the MSR rotator, AFE6A and AFE5A for usewith the ASR rotator, andAFE5F for non-rotating applications.



ShroudMaterial   PTFE

DiskOD  5.0 mm

ShroudOD  15.0 mm

  • Integrated UV/Vis Spectroelectrochemical System
  • Honeycomb Spectroelectroelectrochemical Cell
  • Quartz Photoelectrochemical Cell