E5 Change-Disk RDE

MAXIMUM ROTATION RATE: 2000 RPM -- Neverexceed maximumrotation rate when working with rotating electrodes.

The E5TQ Series ChangeDisk RDE designoffers a uniqueinterchangeable disk option that permits the same RDE tip witha PTFE shroud tobe used repeatedly with different disk inserts.


Disk OD = 5.0 mm

ChangeDisk RDE Tip; 15.0 mm OD PTFE shroud

Accepts disk inserts 5.0 mm OD x 4.0 mmthick (soldseparately)

Compatible with the MSR and ASR rotators

See "Description" tab below foradditionalprecautions and information.



The PTFE U-Cup is a consumable product forthe ChangeDisk RDEand RRDE tips.  Toensure proper operation and longevity of the tip, PineResearch recommendsreplacing the U-Cup every 3-4 times you perform a ChangeDiskoperation.  Permanent, irreversible damage to the tipwill result if theU-Cup is not regularly changed.

TEMPERATURE RANGE: 10°C –25°C — Electrode damage may occur attemperatures beyond recommended range.

This series of RDE tips may be used withboth MSR and ASRrotators.

These RDE tips feature a 15.0 mm OD PTFEshroud and aredesigned with the same thread connections as our standard 15.0mm OD RRDE tips,making it easy to switch between RDE and RRDE configurationsusing the same rotatorshaft.  Designedfor advanced electrochemical experiments (e.g. fuel cellelectrocatalystscreening), these RDE tips provide the platform you need toaccomplish yourresearch goals.

E5TQ Series RDE tips feature removable diskinserts (soldseparately).  Standardmetal disk inserts offered by Pine Research are 5.0mm OD x 4.0 mm thick andare fabricated from gold, platinum, or glassy carbon;however, disks may bemade from other materials or dimensions uponrequest.  A toolkit (sold separately) and polishing kit(sold separately)are also required to change and polish the metal disk insertbetweenexperiments.


Compatible shafts include AFE6MB, AFE6M,and AFE5M for usewith the MSR rotator, AFE6A and AFE5A for use with the ASRrotator, and AFE5Ffor non-rotating applications.



Shroud Material   PTFE

Disk OD  5.0 mm

Shroud OD  15.0 mm

  • Integrated UV/Vis Spectroelectrochemical System
  • Honeycomb Spectroelectroelectrochemical Cell
  • Quartz Photoelectrochemical Cell